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Updating garmin maps

You may decide not to do any updates but, at least you’ll be aware of what’s available.Most manufacturers release new map updates a few times each year.Well, what I mean is that I glanced at them thoroughly before throwing them into the recycling bin.Previously I hadn’t given much thought into how much I relied upon my little sat nav.I mean, she’s the only one that doesn’t get annoyed with me when I take the wrong turn.In fact all she does is quietly and calmly reroute my journey without much fuss. What I did find remarkable though was that I am usually completely ‘lost’ without one.There’s only so many times that you can listen to the soundtrack of ‘Frozen’ in the car!

Without that little speaking box in my life I’d be properly lost.

Around our way a number of the local roads have become part of a one way system.

It’s a system that works well if you know your way around it correctly.

These are fantastic at helping me to avoid those rush hour traffic jams.

Today the sat nav is an intrinsic part of any car journey that I take – she is the voice of sanity in what can be a very chaotic cabin at times.

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The process is typically managed through the manufacturers own propriety software.