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Orthodox christian perspective on dating

We especially urge advisors to encourage their clients to consider charitable giving.We have found that people are grateful for that reminder.Our ethical experts would probably use the modern medical test of cessation of brain activity as a definition of death.Q: What about informing the patient [about his medical condition]? TOM: It is critical that the patient have complete information as to his or her condition, otherwise the patient will never be able to know when to begin the many important religious observances that are to accompany the process of dying.The church is strongly against euthanasia and suicide.But often if the patient and medical care providers permit nature to take its course without heroic intervention, the person's life may be taken by God. Taking a life is inappropriate; on the other hand, using heroic medical measures to keep a body biologically functioning would not be appropriate either.Q: One of the issues many religions have been grappling with is the definition of death.

Our religion teaches us to alleviate suffering, but one cannot alleviate suffering by taking a life. The entire process of dying is sanctified by a series of prayer services and sacraments.

In a time and day when the sanctity of human life is under increasing attack, there is a need for Orthodox Christians -legally, medically and spiritually - to provide express instructions to their relatives and health-care givers should they become seriously ill, incapacitated or near death.

Some hospitals and nursing homes require that a patient execute a living will and health-care proxy upon admission.

We believe that providing opportunities for doing good, such as giving to charity, is very important.

Historically, tithing-giving 1 I 10 of one's wealth - was the standard. We believe it is a religious obligation for people to use what they need and to share with others any excess.

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Q: It seems essential that a priest be called to administer these rites and address the decisions. TOM: It's quite essential since many of the issues to be decided are gray. Consider designating a particular priest or church to be contacted and providing contact numbers in the living will. There is generally no problem from a religious perspective.

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