Dating your old kenmore sewing machine

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(affiliate) There is one other option, but it is It’s a dual-feed feature that is built into electronic machines.

For several thousand dollars (and numerous other features) an integrated dual feed can be yours.

Bulky projects like quilts To begin with, the Walking Foot does not look like other sewing machine feet.

It is big and bulky and has an arm that attaches to the needle bar.

The Quilting Sole also keeps quilt layers from slipping while machine quilting. This sole is perfect for edge stitching quilt pieces or, in my case, top stitching stretch denim. I used the Standard (or basic) Sole to match color-blocked seams in this tutorial. Had I used a universal presser foot, my two matching fabrics might have slipped slightly.

To begin, attach the foot to the machine and attach the arm to the needle bar. Because I used a Walking Foot, the two fabrics matched perfectly.

Classic appearance: Most of these great machines were black or came in other neutral colors such as white or tan.That sure makes my 0 Walking Foot sound like a bargain!Irene from Mushroom Villagers (she’s also our forum hostess! Stella is a Singer and after reading all about her we asked Irene to give us a little more information about purchasing older machines.The Walking foot is also excellent for matching plaids and checks.I’ve demonstrated this with a large-checked gingham.

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You will not find computer screens or tons of buttons for this or that feature.