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Arabchat 2015

Sincerely, Friend of A Younger Man Dear Friend, I’m with you.

The paper concludes with the discussion section and the work summaries. There’s woman around 30 who he would like to ask out, but he’s feeling slightly hesitant since it still seems a little taboo for men to date (and marry) older women.I told him I didn’t think there was any problem with it—what do you think?Arabic language has a very large population all over the world (20 middle east and northern African countries), also Arabic is the official language of Muslims (Beseiso and Ahmad, 2010).The processing of Arabic language has many obstacles as language has many particularities, complex morphological analysis, and hard to identify names or abbreviation since there is no capitalization (Beseiso and Ahmad, 2010).

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Additionally, there are family and cultural factors to think about.